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“Are there benefits to gaining a strong statistical background?”

Friday, September 30th, 2011

The joy of being a psychology student is that we get to learn the wonder world of unnecessary use of Greek letters enabling us to prove we are right with the use of numbers! Stats are everywhere and they blend in most of the time into everyday life. Your able to get 60% longer bigger lashes like Penelope Cruz and according to ASDA they are the cheapest supermarket for the past hundred and odd years. You can also live until your 150 if you drink Yakult. We love stats; it’s not hard to find one between our favourite TV programs. With the use of stats and research we believe we are given a greater knowledge about a specific product especially when a percentage ‘real’ woman agrees. However I’m sure the less than 100 women would use a variety of products to create the amazing look. The true facts are hidden behind numbers creating a false importance of the study and products allowing it to sound more successful.
According to Mr. Cameron he has been able to slash unemployment figures by 7.9% from last year. Well done? Not really the office of national statistics has covered numbers with numbers. The REAL employment rate is actually 70% which shows numbers can be twisted to show what they want to be displayed to be shown to be facts as we see stats as the be all and end all. This is applies to science as we do not like being proven to be wrong.
With the use of strong statistics we are able to acknowledge the importance of the results within basically everything even science. However, stats are not always shown in a representative way but having a strong statistical background enables us to give a trusted backing to support or criticize an argument.


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Friday, September 30th, 2011

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