Me and Stats!!!

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Thank god it is the final blog. For the past 6 months I have been stressing about what to write about seriously how much can someone write about stats? I hate stats it terrifies me I find it so difficult to get my head round as soon as I see numbers and letters pretending to be numbers my brain just freezes. Its takes me all week to motivate myself to try and start the blog and then it takes me hours to actually write something. Within them hours I have stressed myself out, got annoyed with myself and cried all before I started writing the title. Maths has always scared me I don’t get numbers; I would rather sit at the back of the class messing around being the class clown rather than look stupid in front of my class mates.  Even with the seminars now I have stopped going because all I do is sit in the background trying to get my head around the question but even before my brain has even tried to figure out what the question is asking me someone has already answered it so I stay at home using my books and the internet to see if I can get my head around it and get the answer myself which I probably would get wrong but I feel a little bit better that I’m giving it ago at least. I feel stupid when I try and ask someone for help because they give me that look like you seriously don’t know this are you that stupid, then when they explain it to me they don’t explain it in a way my head can figure it out so I just agree with them because I hate the thought of them thinking this girl is thick. This especially goes through my head when I’m writing comments I’m worried of what people are going to think about what I’ve put especially if it’s wrong.  I’ll stop now because I’ve probably bored you to death with my rant but I am very happy these blogs are over. But next time someone you feel looks ‘stupid’ or ‘slow’ just think they may be struggling and just need that little extra help.


4 comments on “Me and Stats!!!

  1. psyalo says:

    This is a really personal blog, thank you for sharing your feelings. I think we all have these moments where you ask a question and people look at you as if you were stupid for even asking, it feels rubbish! It seems to me like the past couple of generations have been getting worse at maths, so you are not alone. The BBC news have recently written about this ( According to them only 22% of British people have strong enough maths to do well in GSCE, compared to 26% in 2003.
    Whenever I ask my grandmother a calculation she would work out the answer in a blink of an eye, whereas it would take me a couple of minutes, and even then I would have to check a calculator to make sure I was right. Maybe this is the problem, nowadays we rely on calculators, computers and tills to tell us the answers, compared to when calculators were not as common and simple arithmetic was used on a daily basis.
    Another reason why Britain may be getting worse is that there is too much emphasis on other topics in school curriculum ( than getting basic maths and English skills up to a high standard.
    Britain could be entering a maths anxiety stage ( As you said above “Maths has always scared me…” this is a common phrase used by individuals with maths anxiety. There is no single cause. It could be a range of bad experiences from being left alone with a difficult problem, to getting questions wrong. Maths anxiety is not a true reflection of an individuals true ability, mealy a barrier. A helpful tip to overcoming this anxiety would be to get a firm grounding in basic maths, like times-tables, try to relax in situations involving maths, and seek help, if like you said you feel “stupid” when asking a question you could always write it down and email someone after, or take it to help sessions that take place in Wheldon. I hope this has helped a little. 🙂

  2. captkebab says:

    I can relate to what you said certainly about the seminars. I only go intermittently normally when I feel confident that day. As for the stats I find it’s best not to try and understand how the formulas work, but rather to see them as a recipe. I practise the formulas and try and remember them as a tool and in this way they do start to make much more sense. Again I do not learn well when I am told something when compared to reading it myself. If there is a time limit on me then I am generally much less productive even more so when I am being watched. As for the seminars what I do is to try and answer the easiest questions before anyone else so then I can leave the difficult ones for others to do without looking like I’m not participating.
    Research shows that constant testing can enhance long term retention and this agrees with my own experiences. Not necessarily the weekly tests we did last year but the ones I do in the gravetter textbook. In order to be tested you have to continuously revise and rehearse the material. So maybe the research was measuring that as most people tend to try and retain information more than normal when they know they will be examined on it. Either way practise as you go and good luck. 🙂

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